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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a profound hands on energy healing system developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 in Japan. Translated as 'spiritually guided life force energy', ki is channeled through the practitioner to restore physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to a patient. When this life force energy is low, it can be more challenging to deal with every day stresses, and the immune system can become vulnerable. Reiki is natural, gentle and non-invasive and can be hands on, hands off, or delivered at a distance.

How it Works

Much like how a wire or cable transmits electricity to a device, a reiki practitioner transmits healing energy to a patient. Reiki treats the whole being, bringing mind, body and spirit into balance and creating space for transformation. Reiki supports the immune system and the ability to cope with every day stresses. Although it is usually offered as a way to relax and feel peaceful, many people experience profound healings. Reiki can also support the body through other treatment methods, increasing the capacity to cope with interventions and helping you stay calm, clear and grounded. 

I work with my clients on giving them the tools that they need to heal on their own, without having to keep coming back for sessions. Reiki, whether distant or in-person, is a powerful tool that can accelerate the healing process. 

Schedule a Session

Because Reiki is equally as effective both in-person and at a distance, I offer a selection of different sessions. Email me below to set up a session.

  • 60 minutes remote or in person: $85

  • 30 minutes remote or in person: $50

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