This past school year has been very difficult for me health wise. After having shingles, surgery in January, strep, a round of penicillin, eight tubes of blood drawn (even tested me for AIDS), CT scan, suggestion to have a PET scan, body blew up like a balloon with no weight gain, sick for 4 months….and still no answers….I decided to take matters in my own hands bc the doctors could not find anything wrong. I met with this fabulous holistic nutritionist…Maria Ulbricht. She told me many things but the biggest one was to try gluten-free. It is amazing how much better I feel. Thanks Maria!!!
– Dana S.

Maria has been and continues to be a wonderful asset. She takes the time to understand my goals and fitness needs and helped me develop a nutritional plan that enabled me to reach my goals. Maria continues to provide exceptional help as I continue down my fitness pathway. Whether it’s simply to understand how the body deals with different nutrients, the need for new meal ideas, or simply to provide natural remedies such as alternatives that help reduce swelling. I feel very fortunate to have Maria as a resource as I continue to move toward a purely natural diet and adapting an holistic approach to finding the best me possible.
– Ben C.

After several years of trying to get pregnant with an irregular cycle and strong PMS symptoms, I called Maria. She was wonderful and helped to guide me to better eating habits that would help regulate my body.

She is a huge proponent of natural medicine and suggested that I take chaste berry to regulate my irregular cycles. After three months I went form having 40+ day cycles to 29 day cycles. This was such a relief as it increased my chances of getting pregnant.

After working with Maria for a few months, I am now 12 weeks pregnant and excitedly expecting my first child!

Maria is knowledgeable, friendly, and checked in with me regularly to encourage and guide me in my fertility efforts. I would recommend working with her to anyone!

Thanks Maria!
– Anonymous

Maria Ulbricht is the consummate professional to teach and mentor about health promotion, fitness and living a mindful life. She taught me about nutrition, lifting weights, how to practice yoga, and maintain my hard earned weight loss. As the mother of 3 children, Maria and I discussed balance in my work/family areas and she was always willing to listen and mentor. I admire Maria and how she lives her life… not to mention her awesome back muscles! We met in 2005 and now live many miles apart, but I count her as my ‘forever’ friend and I still seek her counsel as I head into my 50s and want to maintain the healthy lifestyle that I now enjoy. To bring Maria into your world, in any capacity, is making a positive and healthy decision for yourself.
– Julie United States Air Force Officer

I am about to make my carrot soup as the last meal in the detox plan. I had a great week and found your recipes very easy to follow and delicious. I plan on integrating several of them into my weekly meal planning. I loved that lunch was often leftover dinner (less cooking!). I honestly feel better today than I can remember feeling in a very long time. I stayed up late last night reading a book (I know, sleep is so important, but my book was SOOOO good!) and today I have felt full of energy all day long. Bikram yoga this morning felt the best it has felt in a long, long time.

I realized during your detox that I have been over-eating. The amount of food I ate during the detox was so much less than I normally eat (including snacking throughout the day or finishing the leftovers from my kid’s meals). I noticed that when I felt the first signals of feeling hungry, I wanted to rush to the kitchen and eat. When I did not do that this week, I also realized that those initial feelings of hunger are very mild, and I can actually go several more hours without eating and still feel fine. So interesting to gain that awareness this week. I also noticed that I have been eating on auto-pilot and not usually because I am hungry. Just because my kids come home from school and have a snack does not automatically mean I should snack!

Putting myself and my nutrition first this week has some additional side-affects, too. I went salsa dancing for the first time in over 9 months. It’s something that I love to do and something that I rarely make a priority. I took a bath for the first time in as long as I can remember, too, and relished every minute of the complete break from my normal, hectic life.

Thank-you for everything!
– Kim Greco

Just completed the 7 day detox/cleanse and it was a wonderful experience. The recipes were delicious and very satisfying. Besides feeling great and sleeping great, I had plenty of energy and never missed the coffee. A shocker for me! My take away from this is to watch my portion sizes even with healthy food choices and I have cut back on my coffee consumption. Thank you!
– Anonymous

Maria has been my personal trainer for over fifteen years and I’ve made great strides under her expert care. She focuses on my total health, both in developing my physical strength as well as making healthy dietary choices. Thanks, Maria!
– L. Cataldi

You detox program is awesome and it got me back on track. I realize that in order for me to continue on my successful journey I must maintain a clean diet that contains no sugar and no gluten. More importantly have some down time each day to quiet my mind and relax! I thank God for you; the information you have blessed me, the recipes, and your support have been tremendous.
– J. Mason

I first met Maria a few days before my 40th birthday in 2001. I just celebrated my 50th birthday and to date, I am still training with her. maria moved 40 miles away from me several years ago, but I still drive once a week just so I can train with her. Her approach to anything she does in life is honesty. She is sincere, strong, driven, firm and trustworthy. My daughter is about to turn 17, and is having some trouble with goals and her priorities. I asked Maria to take her as a client, and they instantly formed a bond. My daughter is now thriving under her counsel.
– Cindy