Personal Training

Fitness is a key component to health, and each individual’s ideal type of movement varies. For example, an older client may need more resistance training due to muscle atrophy, a client with drained adrenals may require gentle movements such as yoga and pilates, and a “type A” client may demand intense interval training to lower stress levels. All of these diverse needs can be met while training in an environment best-suited for your lifestyle: in-home, at a local gym or outdoors (which is great to improve those vitamin D stores!).

My idea of exercise is to train smarter, not harder. It’s important that we respect our joints, organs and muscles so that they last a lifetime…

In my 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, I’ve learned that this can be done in just 30 minutes/day, 4 days/week if you’re a seasoned exerciser. For those just starting out, a 60-minute informative session may be more appropriate. Whatever your needs, your program will be designed with your whole health in mind…not just your bodyweight and superficial goals.

Personal training package investments:

One-on-One: Couples: Groups (3-6):
4 sessions: $300 4 sessions: $175/person 4 sessions: $150/person
1 session: $80 1 session: $50/person 1 session: $40/person

Packages include:

Initial assessment (measurements, weight, % bodyfat and bone density), program design, 30-60 minutes of personal training at desired location or skype, and homework for the week.

Pre-designed workouts:

“Type A” 30-minute interval training

It really only takes 30 minutes, 4 days/week for the seasoned exerciser to stay fit. Try these unique combinations, using cardio, resistance and body weight exercises for a fast-paced workout guaranteed to filter out excess adrenaline.
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Bone-building resistance training

Using weights, bands and body weight, this workout will put appropriate stress on all major muscle groups, as well as build crucial bone mass that we lose as we age. I’ve used this workout for years with great success to reverse both osteopenia and osteoporosis.
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Nothing-but-body weight

Having long, sleek muscles is so lovely. These eccentric movements, using a combination of unique yoga and pilates movements, as well as cardio exercises create just that. It is my own, personal “go-to” workout, especially when traveling.
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Boredom buster

To stay with exercise for a lifetime, it’s essential to be creative. This workout will challenge every cell in your body, including those brain cells!
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Outdoor Workout

All you need is some clear outdoor space for this cardio-resistance combo. Build muscle, bone density and vitamin D stores during this intense 45-minute workout.
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Workouts include: Written instructions and a 15-minute skype/phone call/FaceTime session with Maria.