Health Counseling

Can one conversation change your life?

Holistic Health Coaching is a unique approach to healing. Rather than treating just the symptoms, I help my clients find and address the root cause of their illness. This involves bio-individual nutrition plans and guidance, as well as holistic counseling on the many other facets of health such as exercise, healthy relationships, a fulfilling career and spirituality. Once these are addressed and solved, miraculously the body heals!

“For the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Socrates

What Will You Gain?

A healed and more balanced life, mind and body. Innovative techniques to fight cravings, balance hormones and overcome stress. Recipes and shopping lists for healthful, easy-to-prepare meals. A leaner, stronger physique, endless energy, a body with less overall inflammation and a lighter, more joyful outlook on life.

How Does It Work?

In my program, we meet, skype or speak monthly, bi-monthly or weekly and create goals as well as healthful recipes for your body type and tastes. By implementing “Bio-Individuality”, I help create food combinations that work for your specific needs and health concerns. Once you begin to crowd out the unhealthful foods and add in more of the recommended whole foods and self-care, your health begins to take an upward spiral! The better you feel, the better you will perform and the more you will want to further this process of living to your full potential.

When was the last time you talked to someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserved?

It’s All About YOU!

Your customized program includes any of the following:

  • Complete health history, including any health concerns and goals
  • One-hour private yoga session
  • Health food store tour
  • Cooking class
  • Private counseling, where the focus is completely on YOU!

I specialize in the following: