Grocery Store Tours/Cooking Class

Do you wander around the grocery store not knowing a collard green leaf from a swiss chard leaf? Or maybe you don’t know what hempseeds are and why they should be a part of your diet. Perhaps cacao nibs are something you’ve heard about, but don’t know where they reside in your grocery store, or why they are a superfood. Then taking a grocery store tour is in order for you and, perhaps a group of friends as well!

Knowing what is in your cart and why you’re putting it into your body is essential for creating healthy home-cooked meals.

Hey, we all get stuck in “cooking ruts” sometimes, and taking a grocery store tour can shed light on foods you may have never noticed before! The tours last 60-75 minutes and are filled with valuable information, including which foods are best eaten raw, what to eat when going through menopause, which foods boost metabolism, lower blood pressure, provide protection from cancer and other diseases, and which foods help energy levels skyrocket.

You will also learn my secret recipes for healing teas, using the ingredients in your own favorite grocery store.

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Now, once you have gone shopping and are stocked with beautiful foods from the earth, what do you do with them? I can help here, too! Host a private or group (up to 6 people) healthy foods cooking class in your own home. No need to purchase a thing…I’ve got you covered.

Not only will you receive all-new seasonal recipes made without any processed foods, you’ll get to eat the meal once it’s ready! All clean up is up to me and my staff…you just relax and enjoy your home-cooked meal made with only foods from the earth.

Interested? Click here to send me an email for my Cooking Class rates and availabilities!